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Online Craps GuideCraps is considered one of the most exciting casino games. However, for beginners, this game (especially street dice game) may seem risky and dangerous. However, don’t be so scared, because craps are also considered one of the easiest games, so try your luck and become craps wizard!

Main rules to play craps for fun

The casino craps table is divided into three fields, and the game is usually played by casino staff. The right and left parts of the table are exactly the same, this is the part where players make their bets. The third banquet in the game is called “stickman” (“helmsman”, “policeman”). He/she sits in the center of the table, throws up the dice, and calls the number that has fallen. Stickman is responsible for the process of the game.

Online craps real money uses two dice. As a rule, they are made of high-quality plastic. During the throws, the edges of the bones are damaged and erased, which makes it possible to rig the result. Therefore, the cubes participate in the game for no more than eight hours. After the specified time, or in case of the departure of the bones outside the gambling table, they are replaced with new ones to prevent fraud attempts.

The game takes place in several stages:

  • Come out roll;
  • Point Roll.

Come Out Roll is the first step that defines Point. This can be any amount that has fallen on the bones, except for two, three, seven, eleven, and twelve. This number will be played at the Point Roll stage, during which an unlimited number of rounds will take place. A Point Roll ends when the next roll is a Point or a score of seven on the dice.

Craps Strategy

The best way to play craps is by following the current strategy. Any player who has just registered in an online casino, of course, cares about one single question: “how to win in online craps real money”. So, what are these strategies?

Strategy: Don’t Pass Line

It is this bet that in fact gives the greatest advantage to the player. You win with a loss of 2 or 3 and lose with a loss of 7 or 11 (12 brings a draw, in which the casino retains its advantage). If Point is set, the one who bet on Don’t Pass wins if the shooter gets 7 before Point-a falls out. A bet on the Don’t Pass field has a casino advantage of only 1.36%.

At the same time (for comparison), the bet on Pass Line / Come comes with a casino advantage of 1.41%. But be prepared that if you play live, then the rest of the players will not be very glad that you bet against them. In the online format, you will not have such a problem.

Strategy: The Invincible Iron Cross

The bottom line: After installing Point, the following bets are made:

  • 5 $ on FIELD
  • PLACE for $ 6 for 5, 6, 8

For the strategy to work, you need to make such Place and Field bets so that their amount is greater than the loss upon loss 7. If you win or lose, the bets are restored, in any case (except for the loss of 7 matches) one of the above-mentioned bets will win. If the casino pays a Field 1: 1 bet, then the player’s advantage will be 3.34%. And these are very good chances.

Strategy: Five-Point Account Method

The five-point method works according to the following principle: The first time a shooter throws a Point, it counts for 1 point, followed by three more rolls for each point. If Point is the result of the fifth roll, then you should get 5 points.

If not, then you add the 5th point to the total number of points at the time the shooter rolls Point. Once you reach 5 points, you can place bets. Start the countdown when moving to a new shooter.

Tips for winning at craps

Playing craps, you should always adhere to the following rules:

  • Consider the duration of the game: the total profit/loss in each game of chance always depends, among other factors, on how much time you spend in the game. Therefore, if you plan to play craps for a long time, carefully calculate the value of each of your bets to limit losses.
  • Adhere to one style of play: choose a betting strategy for yourself and adhere to it consistently – either you will play aggressively, with an increase in rates, or measuredly, at minimum rates. Changing the style of the game in the process, you risk losing more.

Whether to adhere to this principle or play to a minimum – the choice is yours.

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