Top Lottery winners in CanadaGambling in Canada flourishes in every of the forms legally permitted throughout the country provinces and territories. But lottery, giving the best chances to win, still breaks google news with the new winners and searches for successful chances of winning lottery.

Never minding the odds, people can’t stay away from playing. According to survey 34% of Canadian people hoped for winning to be able to fund the retirement. And 14% of population do believe to win in future.

First lottery in Canada

Everything started from June 12, 1982 when Lotto 6/49 was launched. It has become the first nationwide lottery game in Canada which allowed to choose a desired number by yourself. In all the ancestors tickets, like Olympic Lottery or Superloto, the numbers were pre-printed in advance. So, the organizations to control lottery were also created.

Interprovincial Lottery Corporation

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One of the most important organizations is Interprovincial Lottery Corporation. It is ahead of random generator which draws numbers every Wednesday and Saturday. All games in Canada are being operated by ILC with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. And it is owned jointly by 5 provincial lottery commissions. Established in 1976 it has been administering 4 regular games till nowadays:

  • Lotto 6/49;
  • Lotto Max;
  • Daily Grand;
  • Celebration.

And used to operate 2 more in the past:

  • Lotto Super;
  • Millionaire Life.

Why does Ontario win more prizes?

Some believe that Ontario is populated by lucky people only because the number of winnings is too high, and every year they have more top prize winners in comparison with other provinces. But the reason lies in the percentage of sales across different regions of Canada. Most popular Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 sell more that 50% of their lottery tickets in Ontario and Quebec. So, top prizes go to Ontario people more often and they like to play more. And when it comes to Poker Lotto results, Toronto breaks all the news. Just because people there prefer Poker Lotto. Perfect combo for both lotteries and ontarians.

Ontario Lotto Max winners

Lotto Max is supposed to be one of the most popular across the Ontario province nowadays. And it is no wondering as people do tend to win.

On Monday January 13, 2020 a credit risk manager from Brampton was the lucky to win a $70 million Lotto Max jackpot, biggest in Canadian history. 49-year-old Adlin Lewis used a free-play ticket which became the lucky one to bring his owner to Lotto Max big winners list.

Lewis has been fond of playing different kinds of lottery for over 20 years now. And his friends call him ‘lucky’ after his winning a car 2 years prior to a Lotto Max jackpot and 2 prizes in a workplace holiday raffle. A brampton man said he is going to spend money on traveling, investments and making his wife dreams come true. When traveling to Las Vegas they will finally try VIP $100 slots, that they have always been dreaming of.

And such stories has a tendency to repeat with another new lottery winners. Ontario, as was already said, is rich for people who like to play and for lotteries that give the possibility to win. For example, another family from Quebec became $70 million richer on February 2020. After receiving a fat cheque from Loto-Quebec they said they will keep buying tickets, and will play over and over again.

And the number of such examples may follow each other infinitely. But the fact stays the same: Canadian people have passion for gaming in any of its forms and this passion pays them back.


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