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Apr 1, 2021 guides

Bitcoin When it comes to cryptocurrency casinos, such platforms can be divided into two types. The former work on the blockchain and position themselves as honest institutions where everyone can check the outcome of the game. Yet, there’re standard crypto casinos with rented software, where in addition to bank cards and payment cards, there is a digital currency in the payment methods.

bank transferEach slot in the casino has the so-called RTP (Return to Player), that is, the percentage of return. It can be different, usually, its range is 90-99% of the number of funds contributed. The problem is that there is no way to check RTP, and you have to take the word for the software manufacturers. But when you lose money, one way or another, doubts arise whether there is fraud. The random numbers here are really random. All the charm is that everyone can verify this personally.

Compared to conventional gambling sites where the money is played, bitcoin casinos have several indisputable advantages:

  • anonymity

This is one of the most important parameters. Any transaction takes place without the identification of the executor. This applies to both crediting funds for the game from your crypto wallet, and the reverse cache.

  • simplified verification 

In most bitcoin casinos, to register and start playing, you need to fill in just a few lines (usually limited to email). Resource Security does not verify the name, age, or location. Accordingly, do not send copies of documents. 

  • global access to the game

Using cryptocurrency, you can make deposits and play from anywhere in the world. The only exceptions are countries with “their” Internet: North Korea, Myanmar, Syria, etc.

  • no commission transactions

Most gambling resources using bitcoin in Canada do not take a commission for transactions, and also do not set limits on their number. You will not find a similar practice with ordinary currency.

  • quick input and output

Bitcoin casinos are characterized by a high speed of execution of btc Canada deposits and cashouts.

  • game fairness test

If the casino is made on the blockchain, then you have the opportunity to see the code and “see what fate has in store for you”.

Due to the difficulty of exercising control by the state and global regulators, Canadian bitcoin casinos have taken on the function of self-regulation. This has its advantages as well as obvious disadvantages.

It is vital to determine the place where you will play. And generally observe the basics of responsible gambling.


  • Check if the casino has a license (Malta, Curacao, Panama);
  • Read reviews and comments on social networks, forums, and other resources;
  • How to withdraw bitcoin in Canada? When executing transactions, be especially careful and vigilant, double-check all the data several times you cannot cancel bitcoin transactions;
  • Do not give the key to the wallet, only in exceptional cases;
  • Allocate for the game only the money that you can afford to lose;

In addition to Bitcoin, you can use Ethereum, XPR, Litecoin, EOS, Tezos, as well as many other altcoins. Recently, platforms that issue their tokens are gaining popularity. You can buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from a private person, buy on the exchange, using an over-the-counter transaction, through an exchanger.

One of the best ways to pay for the purchase of digital currency from anywhere in the world is with Skrill and NETELLER e-wallets. These payment systems are integrated into most exchanges and exchangers.

Skrill and bitcoin wallet Canada NETELLER also have the opportunity to trade popular tokens: you can buy and withdraw bitcoin Canada without leaving your account, and even create your investment portfolio from several positions. What is most pleasant: operations with cryptocurrency count towards receiving a VIP status.

As a rule of thumb, if you want to play fiat in a casino, then you can easily make deposits on your favorite resources in dollars or euros without commissions. These wallets are present on all top gambling resources as a payment method.

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